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AID ArchitectureInteriorsDesignZwei

Martin Mostböck AID - ArchitectureInteriorsDesignZwei

198 pages, German/English, Verlag Anton Pustet (publisher)

Essays by Michael Hausenblas, Matthias Boeckl, Gudrun Hausegger, Zachary Edelson and Lisbeth Legat

ISBN: 978-3-7025-1090-9

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The architect and designer Martin Mostböck designs furniture, houses, interiors, objects of everyday life and regularly blurs the boundaries between the different disciplines. As part of the exhibition “The Chairman” within the Landesgalerie Burgenland in Eisenstadt Mostböck presents designs encompassing several decades of his work. These include chairs, pieces of furniture, houses and interiors which straddle the line between being pieces of art and mass-produced objects. The exhibition also presents his award-wining museum pieces, including objects from the collections of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Design Museum Holon in Tel Aviv or the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art in Vienna. Visitors of the exhibition can come face to face with products made in small-scale series, unique pieces, manufactured only in limited numbers and products of which almost 60.000 were produced. This also makes it possible to trace the connections between experiment, craftsmanship, industry and sustainable design, which usually seem worlds apart. Mostböck combines experience, aesthetic and the contemporary, without ignoring the creative heritage of several stiles. His approach is calm, true-to-life and nevertheless focused on the project, regardless whether it is the design of a champagne cooler made from marble or the exterior of a building or the enviroment created for an interior. Mostböck views, thinks and translates. The exhibition showcases the connections between different areas and how they affect the design process. Mostböck endeavors and succeeds in making these invisible connections visible.

AID ArchitectureInteriorsDesign

Martin Mostböck AID - ArchitectureInteriorsDesign

128 pages, German/English, Verlag Anton Pustet (Publisher)

Essays by Michael Hausenblas, Christian Desrues and Norman Kietzmann

ISBN-10: 3702508074

ISBN-13: 978-3702508074


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“Architect and designer Martin Mostböck designs houses, furniture and equipment, interiors and objects of everyday use. He rejects all superficial styling, going back to the fundamentals in his design in order to achieve authenticity. He compares his approach to that of a design engineer who seeks out ideas which he can make not only visible but also palpable for other people and sees architecture as a shared journey, at the end of which all participants are happy.

Working for leading European companies like Moroso, Eternit, Vorwerk and WMF his designs are part of some of the world’s most prestigious museum collections such as the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, the Design Museum Holon, Tel Aviv and the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna.”